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What is HtR?

Every one of us has this one friend who is always away traveling. Every one of us has at least once wondered how would it be to join them on their journey. 

Apparently, you have always been a little afraid, your friend has been saving up for long enough to afford the trip you cannot afford or maybe you would just like to part for a week instead of a month?

Hit the road girls are those unique traveling friends who have been helping their friends planning their journeys since they started traveling. Now we are here to share our passion with the world and help you plan your dream journey. 

How does it work

Learn about our services and contact us

Read about Hit the Road services and choose the right travel plan option for you. Think about whether you are going to travel solo or how many people are you taking with as well as what is your budget. We will need this information to help you plan your trip! 

When you're ready to choose use our contact form and compose your message. Remember it's you who choose who do you want to work with! On the Hit the Road page you can find all you need about our team and choose your new travel companion.

Work on your personalized travel plan with us

Once you choose who of us is going to work with you on your trip you will get an email asking all the necessary information. But don't worry, we understand how important is your trip to be exactly as you wish it to be that is why you will be able to keep in touch with us through email, Facebook and WhatsApp where we will share our ideas with you and let you choose between the options from the ways of transportation to the accommodation and others. 

Get your travel plan and keep in touch

Once you confirm our choices and deals,  you will get the fully personalized travel plan including all the tickets, booking confirmations and local advices. 

Our journey with you is not finishing at this point though! Hit the Road team is going to stay there for you to answer all your questions during the trip and offer you advice if anything go wrong! 

Solo travel

Found no-one to share your crazy journey with or maybe you want to experience yourself how is it to travel alone? Choose the solo travel option! 

In a couple

Are you planning a romantic holidays for two or you would like to experience crazy backpacking trip with the love of your life? Couple option is for you! 

With friends

Did you manage to convince your group of buddies to hit the road with you this summer? The group travel option is for you! 

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What do I include in the message?

It will be very helpful if you include the name of the team member you want to work with in your message. If you haven't decided yet, drop us an email anyway and we will lead you to the place you can find all about your Hit the Road partners-to-be.

When will I get the answer?

Our team member will write you back the same day!

Is my message committing?

Not at all! The message is only the way to get you in touch with one of the team members so we can answer all your questions personally. You are not committed into any service and won't be demanded any payment before we sign the agreement.